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Wooden Lockable Testicle Handcuff Humbler

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These are no ordinary bondage handcuffs!

They have been designed specifically for men who need their testicles and hands restrained easily, using one piece of bdsm equipment.

All the Dommes' out there should consider adding this piece to their kinky toy collection as it keeps men in their place, unable to move or flinch away from the inevitable torture coming their way. 

Whilst wearing this testicle wrist humbler, you'll not be able to move your wrists, balls or be able to walk or crawl very far either!

This ballbusting toy also acts as a ball stretcher, as it clamps the testicles in position and pulls them away from the body. 

Easy to put on and take off, and comes with a padlock and set of keys.

Material: Wood
Colour: Black