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Wearable Stainless Steel Penis and Testicle Ring

Wearable Stainless Steel Penis and Testicle Ring

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High quality, wearable testicle and penis ring made from solid stainless steel.

This piece clamps behind the balls and cock, which means you could happily wear this while going about your normal day, without anybody suspecting a thing - very naughty! Ergonomically shaped for discrete and comfortable wear. 

Be boldly owned by your partner or mistress with this excellent piece of ballbusting kit. Strong binding, not easy to fall off, very convenient to use and will make you feel extremely kinky and/or submissive.

Weight: 495g

Size: Large ring diameter 36mm is used for the scrotum, small ring diameter 28mm is used for the penis.

Material: Stainless steel

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