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Testicle Suction Tube Toy (Penis Pump)

Testicle Suction Tube Toy (Penis Pump)

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You might be thinking that a penis pump isn't a ballbusting toy, but that's where you're wrong! Some guys have discovered that penis pumps make a very good ballbusting toy indeed.

Stuff your balls (and cock if you want) in the plastic tube and use the hand pump to get the suction going. Your balls will get the sucking of their life, and it will feel amazing. If you wear it for a long time, it will get a little uncomfortable and could therefore be used as a torture kind of device by your mistress.

You can use a penis pump to stretch your balls, swell your balls and squeeze your balls to your satisfaction. Definitely a must-try for all ballbusting fans!

Material: ABS+100% medical silicone

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