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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Weighted Testicle Clamp

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When you have this testicle clamp on your balls it'll feel like a steel handed mistress is pulling your balls down with just the right amount of force. It will constantly remind you how testicles should feel: permanently tugged and comfortably compressed.

It fits snug against your balls, but not too tight. This allows you to wear it long-term, or all the time if you want!

Comes in two sizes; Medium and Large.

The Medium has an inside diameter of 45mm length, 24mm width and the metal is 15mm thick. It also weighs 190 grams. The Medium is good for a beginner or those with smaller balls.

The Large size has an inside diameter of 48mm length, 24mm width and the metal is 20mm thick. It also weighs 420 grams. The Large is good for those with larger balls or men who want to try ball-stretching. 


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