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Double Spiked Pin-Wheel Roller

Double Spiked Pin-Wheel Roller

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This Double Spiked Pin-Wheel Roller allows for the delicious sensation of hundreds of spikes prickling your most delicate areas.

The dual wheels allow for even, contoured rolling over all sorts of skin-terrain.

Can be used on thighs, bums, cocks or testicles!

If you've never felt a hundred spikes rudely prick into the head of your penis or the surface of your balls, are you even really living your life properly?!

Increases blood flow to areas where its used, and allows for exhilarating sensations!

Choose from 3 colours, White and Red, Black and Red, or Black.

Its measurements are 17.5cm Length, 3.5cm Width and Roller Diameter 2.5cm.

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