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CellMate 1 App Controlled Male Chastity Cage

CellMate 1 App Controlled Male Chastity Cage

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If you really want total control over a guys genitals, get high tech with this completely wirelessly controlled chastity cage.

Made and designed by QIUI, this remote chastity cage can be unlocked from anywhere in the world, thanks to its bluetooth connectivity. You can unlock it using just your phone, half a world away via the official QIUI app.

It's waterproof (level IPX7) which offers up to 3 meters of diving protection, so it can even be worn while swimming or in the bath.

Comfortable due to its ergonomic shape, which means it can be worn long term.

This chastity cage also has more features such as, real-time geographic location monitoring, real-time battery detection and keyless entry. 

Its battery also has a 8-12 month life.

Package includes 1 cage, 2 rings and an instruction manual.

Available in 2 sizes, long or short.

Short size dimensions: 10cm length and 3.7cm width.

Long size dimensions: 12cm length and 3.7cm width.

Made from polycarbonate with neoprene surface finishing & steel metal.

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