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Adjustable Testicle Crusher Vice

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This is the simplest and most effective testicle crusher to use, and it works great if you want to see how much your balls can take.

Two acrylic plates are connected at the top with a hinge and separated by two screws at the bottom of the device. The back plate has a hole for putting the cock and balls through. The top plate you put just your cock through.

It is made of flexible plastic, and it is fully adjustable so you can tighten it all the way down to a 1 inch space, or to a more comfortable fit.

It's great for a beginner or an expert. Quite painful and exciting when used for a long time, and is extremely fun for a night in! 

Material: Acrylic plastic
Colour: Black or Clear
Size: 12.5cm by 17.5cm
Hole diameter: 4cm and 5cm